Coming Attractions!

St. Vincent de Paul Church--120 N. Front St., Baltimore (across from the Shot Tower)

  • THIS Thursday, 10/18 at 5 PM (NO school for students on Friday 10/19!)
  • 5:00 PM  Pot Luck Dinner and introduction by Fr. Joe Rossi, S.J.*
  • Movie: “Spirited Away”

  *Fr. Joe Rossi, Ph. D. is a professor at Loyola University in Baltimore.  He received his M.A., History of Drama, in 1977 and has been teaching at Loyola since 1989.  He is the director of Catholic Studies Film Series.  Most Importantly, he is super with children 😊


  • Sunday, 10/28, 11 AM (after 9:30 AM Mass)
  • Movie: “Coco”
  • First pot luck lunch, Followed by discussion


  • Sunday, 11/18, 11 AM (after 9:30 AM Mass)
  • Movie: “Up”
  • First, pot luck lunch, Followed by discussion 

St. Vincent Church will be bringing to you these films which share the theme of an “outsider” (sometimes more than one) thrown into unusual circumstances, who gets through challenges by following their instinctively good hearts.  In every film, the story is much more than simply an adventure—there’s a deeper journey for each. Animated Features for young and for old.