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Programs in the Community

Who We Are:

Baltimore Chess Developers (BCD) uses chess instruction and mentoring as a tool to strengthen the metacognitive, social and emotional development of children with special needs. Our program provides youth with in-person, and on-line access to quality chess instruction, literacy improvement, mentoring activities, college and career readiness, academic enrichment, STEM enhancement, and leadership development for youth K-12.

We foster the following beliefs in every youth:

Talent: Innate abilities can be improved

Circumstances: Good trainer and materials

Motivation: Grows by success experiences

Physical condition: Improved by exercises

Mental condition: Created by respect and empathy

What Our Program Provides:

Peace and Quiet

Structure and Concentration

Obvious Rules with a Purpose

Safe Environment

Predictable Procedures and Outcomes

Clear and Concrete Communication

Acceptance and Empathy

We Bring To Your Education Programs:

Highly trained Chess Instructors with a structured 12-week life skills theme-based curriculum

STEM activities

Mentoring and Leadership Development

Chess Tournaments, Awards and Scholarships

For More Information, Contact Dr. Tina Stevenson at 410-620-8854 or