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Health News Alerts from the Nurse Holmes

Saints James & John Catholic School has a part-time nurse. Nurse Holmes provides emergency medical care to students for minor issues and conducts special projects to promote healthy eating and nutrition. For students whose chronic health issues require treatment at school such as an Asthma Pump or an EpiPen, it is essential that parents complete the Medication Administration Authorization Form. For Students who need to take over the counter medications, parents, as well and the Physician, should complete the Consent for the Administration of Over The Counter Medicine Form. All medical forms can be downloaded below and returned to the Nurse, Ms. Holmes, or to the Main Office.

Asthma Medication Administration Authorization From

Medication Administration Authorization Form

Food Allergy Form & Anaphylaxis Emergency Care Plan Form

Consent for the Administration of Over The Counter Medicine Form

If you have any questions regarding the forms, please contact Ms. Holmes, the school nurse, at 410-342-3222 ext. 22 or by email at